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Recording Little States, Big Innovation: Israel X Rhode Island Season 2 Episode 2 March 17

Recording episode 2 Season 2 March 17th at noon EST

The three companies presented in the fields of: IVF Womens’ Health, Advanced Riding Assistance for Motorcycles and Infant Safety

Honorary Guest Speaker, Evan Smith, President and CEO, Discover Newport

Each month the program will be bringing the best Israel has to offer to Rhode Island’s

community by introducing our community to some of Israel’s most exciting startup

entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may be looking to expand into the North American market and Rhode Island offers great opportunities as a soft landing through connections and collaborations in business, academia and research. Don’t miss this "Startup Nation’s Best and Brightest". To learn more about the program and see recording of season one, go to the link.

The program is in collaboration with Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC),and RIHub.

To Register for next episode, April 13th go to this link.

Opening remarks, Avi Nevel, CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC)

Interviewer, Annette Tonti , Executive Director of the RIHub

Special guest speaker from Rhode Island, Evan Smith, President & CEO of Discover Newport

Evan has been involved in travel industry for over 30 years. He served as Vice President of Marketing at Discover Newport for 14 years prior to being promoted to President & CEO in 2005. Prior to coming to Newport he worked for an international tour operator and his resume includes almost a decade in hotel management.

Guest Presenter of 3 Israeli Startup Companies

Rohi Hourvitz, CEO and Founder of FertiAI

FertilAI is developing an AI based platform for automating protocol management in the IVF clinic.

Yoav Elgrichi, CEO of Rider Dome

Rider Dome is Advanced Riding Assistance for motorcycles, providing riders with real time alerts against critical threats on the road by using Computer Vision and AI.

Ami Meoded CMO of LittleOne.Care

LittleOne.Care ensures the babies' safety and well-being for their parents' peace of mind, and answers parents’ most concerning questions: Is my baby well when with others? How is my baby developing? What is the need my baby expresses when crying?

To Register, go to this link.

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