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Why RI?  

Being centrally located between New York and Boston, Rhode Island is in the middle of a $4.08 trillion economic corridor represented by the Northeast United States region. Rhode Island is one day ground shipping from 60 million households. If it were a separate country,  this region would represent “5th highest GDP in the world”. Rhode Island presents a nexus of air, ocean, rail and road logistics with a talented and motivated workforce, and a supportive business climate. Rhode Island is densely populated (#2 in college student density in the nation) with a skilled workforce and flexible training programs. We have award-winning food, arts & entertainment, and outdoor scenery (Providence is in the top ten capital cities for quality of life). The state is consistently on the top of Moody’s Back to Normal Index and did not shut down manufacturing during the pandemic. Targeted growth sectors represent excellent investment opportunities in the state, including Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Food & Agriculture, Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Business Services, and Smart Technologies/Digital Transformation.

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Business Incentives & Financial Resource Brochure


Rhode Island has an array of tools and growth incentives to help companies expand, locate and innovate in the Ocean State. Tools include tax incentives for construction and job growth, funding for workforce training, grants for research and development and more.

Rhode Island’s thriving cultural growth is being echoed well beyond our borders. Among the praise we’re proud to tout: Travel & Leisure named Providence “America’s favorite city.” Add in Rhode Island’s natural resources – including beautiful beaches and over 400 miles of coastline – and it’s clear why we’re poised to continue to rise as a relocation hub. Sign up today to get your free Travel Guide.

Information Provided by Commerce RI
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