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Why Israel

Israel is the world’s hub for innovation and a powerhouse for pioneering technologies. From game-changing startups, to world-class universities, to 300-plus multinational R&D centers, Israel is at the forefront of shaping the future. Beyond being known as the “Startup Nation,” Israel has one of the strongest economies in the world, and has experienced steady growth for more than a decade. Israel’s diverse open market economy has a proven record of resilience and sustained competitiveness in the face of global economic crisis. While Israel, like Rhode Island, is small in size and population, it is one of the world’s premier destinations for innovation and economic growth.

Business Incentives & Financial Resources

The Government of Israel offers an assorted range of incentives in two main categories: tax benefits and grants. As part of the extensive range of incentives and benefits, the State of Israel encourages international and local investment by offering grants, reduced tax rates, tax exemptions and other benefits. In addition, the Israeli and U.S. governments jointly fund the BIRD Foundation, a decades-old program that provides funding for joint ventures between Israeli and American companies.

Israel is one of the most diverse and unique countries on Earth. It is home to some of the world’s holiest sites for many religions, as well as offering vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyles in cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You can also relax on Israel’s beaches and enjoy nature in the north. Israel truly has something for everyone. Click here for more Tourist Information. 

Information Provided by Israel Economic Minister to New York
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