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Online conference will take place November 15, 2023 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST where presenters will be able to give a short presentation about their work in preparation for the 2024 conference. 
Abstract Submission 
If you would like to present on the online event, please email Dr. Galit Sharon with a Tital for your presentation, Institute and country of origin (presentation would be no more then 15 min each allowing 5 minutes for questions).


​** We have limited spots for presentations on the online event ​**  

To Register to the Conference go to this link

If you would like to be a sponsor or supporter of the event, please email

Rhode Island, Israel, and Greece
2024 Blue Revolution and Sustainable Aquaculture Conference at Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
June 3rd and 4th

For Abstract Submission for the in-person event at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island USA (July 3ed and 4th 2024) go to this link and fill out the form with your abstract attached.


For any question related to both online and in- person events please email Dr. Galit Sharon  


About the conference

The Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC) in collaboration with the Roger Williams University Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) will hold a conference on the Blue Revolution and Sustainable Aquaculture featuring experts from Rhode Island, Israel, and Greece.

Visions For the Future

The conference will focus on the application of biotechnology in aquaculture and the role of novel, innovative research to produce sustainable products and food safety solutions for the global aquaculture industry.

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Collaboration & Cooperation

The conference will bring together top mariculture experts from Israel, Greece, and Rhode Island to present the latest innovations and trends in the field. Be a part of the blue revolution with a great opportunity for networking and collaboration among participating countries, academic institutions, and industry.

Topics for the conference presentations:

Innovations and novel management approaches for sustainable aquaculture

  • Technology and Aquaculture Systems Innovations

  • Bottlenecks and solutions in aquaculture production

  • Emerging diseases of aquatic organisms & new treatments and diagnostic methods

  • Microbial (microalgal and bacterial) biotechnologies and marine natural products

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Avi Nevel:

For more information regarding speaking opportunities at the conference, please contact Dr. Galit Sharon:

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