Rhode Island’s Cooley Group Helps Israel Preserve Its Most Precious Resource: Water

An average backyard swimming pool can lose thousands of gallons of water per year to evaporation, so you can imagine how much water evaporates out of a reservoir in the Israeli desert. But impermeable reservoir covers manufactured by a Rhode Island company can cut evaporation almost to zero, saving communities millions of dollars as well as preserving their most precious resource.

The Pawtucket-based Cooley Group produces a diverse array of products, including the super thin PVC used on about three out of every four billboard signs in North America, super thick materials used to contain oil and chemical spills, and urethane boats used for combat missions used by special forces..

“You see us everywhere, but you don’t see our brand,” said Dan Dwight, the company’s president and CEO.

In a high-tech throwback to Rhode Island’s mill heritage (the company is located about two miles from Slater Mill, the birthplace of the American industrial revolution), the Cooley Group “takes an underlying textile and coats it with polymers” for various uses, says Dwight, who describes the firm as “extrusion experts.”