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The first stage of the competition took place last Tuesday were 4 companies presented their ventures

Last Tuesday we launched the BlueTech Competition - Hub Ashdod's marine startup competition in partnership with Rhode Island USA, Newport Chamber of Commerce, Newport Innovation, and RIIC.

The first stage of the competition took place last Tuesday were 4 companies presented their ventures. The American and Israeli judging panel was impressed by the level of the ventures. It is hoped that through this competition, ties will be established between Israeli and American companies.

The Israeli companies:


develop cutting-edge vessels Conditioning & Inspection solutions, aimed at preserving and improving our ocean's health by significantly reducing millions of tons in Air and Water pollution, and also by minimizing the transmission of Aquatic Invasive Species.

The company has recently been accepted into the acceleration program of the Port of Ashdod, which is operated by Global 500.


Innovative robot “BY ROBBOT”, which effectively cleans the beaches of debris and protects the environment

-able to clean various types of the surface while the visitor is there. it allows to leave bio-organic materials like and clean only the garbage

The company took part in the European climate launchpad acceleration program hosted at HUBASHDOD last year.

The American companies that presented the competition:

Current Lab

based computational oceanography startup specializing in high-resolution forecasting of underwater currents and sound speed. the models have been trusted by teams at the world's top sailing events, from America's Cup to the Tokyo Olympics.

Ocean State Sensing

company that specializes in underwater thermal sensing and mapping, ocean engineering services, and project management. Our services include high-resolution, continuous, in-situ sensing services, instrumentation, and integration. to improve the in-situ understanding of the ecosystem, enabling greater stewardship across the hydrosphere.

Next week there will be the second stage of the competition where 4 more companies will present their ventures.

Feel free to sign up for the event

Link to the competition website:

Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (pRIIC)



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