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Recording of Little States, Big Innovation: Israel X Rhode Island Episode 6 February 9th 12:00 pm

Next episode March 9th To Register, go to this link.

Each month the program will be bringing the best Israel has to offer to Rhode Island’s
community by introducing our community to some of Israel’s most exciting startup
entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may be looking to expand into the North American market and Rhode Island offers great opportunities as a soft landing through connections and collaborations in business, academia and research available. Don’t miss this ‘Startup Nation’s Best and Brightest’. To see full press release, go to this link and to register, go to this link.
The program is a collaboration Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC), District Hall Providence and RIHub.

This episode is dedicated to 8200 IMPACT, founded by the Israeli Defense Force IDF Intelligence 8200 Unit alumni in 2013. 8200 IMPACT is the first acceleration program in Israel for social technology (social impact) startups, that aims to solve significant social and environmental problems through technology in a wide spectrum of fields.

Chen Shmilo, Managing Director at 8200 IMPACT, will give opening remarks.

Chen Shmilo is a veteran of Unit 8200 and the Prime Minister's Office, a lawyer by profession. At the beginning of his professional career, Chen served as a parliamentary advisor to the chairwoman of a faction in the 18th Knesset, and later was appointed Public Policy Director at the Israeli Medical Association. In 2018, Chen was appointed CEO of Israeli AIDS/HIV Task Force, and in 2020 was selected to be the Managing Director at 8200 IMPACT, Israel's first Impact-tech acceleration program under the 8200 Alumni Association.

Chen holds a law degree with honors from the University of Haifa and a Master's degree in public law from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University in Chicago. In the years 2017-2018, he successfully participated in the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program in the field of Public Health Management and Policy as part of the Fulbright Foundation of the U.S. State Department.

Interviewer, Annette Tonti , Executive Director of the RIHub

Guest Speakers, graduates of the 8200 IMPACT Accelerator

Israeli Speaker from EyeKnow, Tomer Sagi, Co-Founder and CEO

Israeli Speaker from RadGreen, Sigalit Mutzafi, CEO

For more information and sponsorship opportunity, please contact

To Register for next episode March 9th go to this link.



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