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Recording of Innovations in AgeTech from Israel Webinar

Innovations in Aging in Israel

Learn the latest innovations from leaders in Israel whose work is making a huge difference in the lives of older adults and their families.

There are some sectors in which Israeli AgeTech Startups excel especially in monitoring and remote care, sensors based solutions, artificial intelligence, fall detection, Virtual reality and augmented reality. The lion share of these innovative solutions were adopted from military technologies.

From robotics to online cognitive training to memory, these experts will offer tips and techniques to improve and enhance the lifestyle of active agers.

The program

Opening remarks, Avi Nevel, CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC)

Moderator, Patrica Raskin, National Radio Talk Host


Rena Yudkowsky, CEO - Memory Matters (Israel)

Roy Koren, CEO - SeniorMarket (Israel)

Yuval Malinsky CEO - Vigorous Mind, Inc. (USA)

Closing Remarks: Avi Nevel

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