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Bryant University IB Students Working on Project with Opmed AI from Israel Win 1st Place

The December 8th International Business Capstone – IB Practicum At the presentations, there were 3 groups of students who presented their projects to a panel of three judges . The group that worked with Opmed AI Israel won first place. During the program, the students worked with Dr. Mor Brokman Meltzer Co-Founder & CEO developing strategies for Opmed AI to enter the U.S. market.

We would like the students to understand a ‘day in the operational life’ of the operating room environment - surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and hospital operations. Conducting interviews, shadowing, and observing everything from an operational perspective that goes on. Specifically, how cases are scheduled in the EHR, which resources are needed for the types of cases, how decisions are being made and factored into moving the cases around to make sure the days run smoothly. Is this manual? Is there support from the EHR software? Is there enough staff to support the cases on the schedule? If not, how is this handled? What sort of politics'.

Opmed AI empowers healthcare facilities to tackle the critical issues of staff shortages and constrained resources. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms and network science, we provide intelligent proactive interventions that consider a multitude of variables to optimize schedules for surgeries, treatments, and other critical procedures.

"Collaborating with these talented students has been a remarkable journey. Their comprehensive research project has vividly highlighted the growing demand for Opmed's technology among diverse medical staff, including OR nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and operating room managers in the U.S. market. This collaboration not only showcases the students' exceptional skills but also emphasizes the critical role of our technology in optimizing healthcare operations and maximizing operating room capacity." - Mor Brokman, Co-founder and CEO, Opmed


The students who worked on the project were Sarah Curry, team leader, Lydia Angelo, Claudia Borri, Taylor Champeaeae and Marco Owens- Brown.

According to Jacquelaine Saslawski, the director of the practicum program, IB Practicum Projects in Partnership with the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative, the Bryant IB Program has partnered with the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC) to offer one IB Practicum project per semester, for five semesters, working with an Israeli startup that aims to establish a presence in Rhode Island and the New England region. The Consulate General of Israel in Boston is sponsoring these Rhode Island sourced projects.

“The IB practicum program is extremely helpful to Israeli companies as the students will assist them in establishing their marketing goal towards the U.S. market,” says Avi Nevel, President & CEO of RIIC.

“This is absolutely a win/win. The Israeli startup will receive the benefit of the market research and the students receive the exposure to the international market and the commercial market.”

“These are the types of collaborations that result in experiences that I love for my students,” says IB practicum faculty and IB Director Jacqueline Saslawski. “Students get to consult a client who wants to invest in the U.S., who is in a different time zone, and who has a different business culture.”

Avi Nevel, CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island Israel Collaboative (RIIC) congratulated the winning team in person.


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