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Khouloud Ayuti the Co- CEO of PresenTense Visits Rhode Island

On Thursday and Friday, September 12th and 13th, Khouloud Ayuti, the Co-CEO of PresenTense visited Rhode Island. This visit was a result of year-long work with Oscar Mejias, President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Diossa from Central Falls. During her visit, she gave an excellent presentation to the public at an evening event at the Blackstone Tourist Center and the day after, she had multiple meetings with Mayor James Diossa from Central Falls and other members of his administration. Later, she gave a very detailed presentation at a meeting with Lt. Governor Daniel McKee and members from his office. Mayor James Diossa from Central Falls and other stakeholders were interested to learn about PresenTense’s activities in building and strengthening innovation in cities and town and groups of people who do not have access to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Khouloud explained how they work with communities, from high school students, parents, the city and town business and others to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The visit and event were organized by the Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC) and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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