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Come and hear Khouloud Ayuti the Co- CEO of PresenTense. PresenTense drives creative approaches to

The event is free to the public but registration is required. Go to this link.

Khouloud Ayuti Co-Ceo of PresenTense is a social activist who grew up in Jaffa. As an Arab living in Israel, Khouloud has dedicated her life to working with underprivileged societies. She studied Social and Political Sciences and managed peace building and education programs at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. In the effort of promoting her own community in Jaffa, she arrived to PresenTense as the coordinator for the Made in Jaffa program three years ago, and had since progressed to the role of Co-Ceo of the organization.

PresenTense drives creative approaches to economic development and access to excellence in education for Israeli’s minority populations and in the periphery. They achieve this by building targeted communities of entrepreneurs and strengthening the local innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem. Presentense created the first accelerators for social entrepreneurs, and are brought this approach to Israel’s Arab society and Haredi community, as well as to organizations focused on developing assisting technologies. Now they are focusing on building community ecosystems, and engaging high school students and young adults. Those who participate in Presentense programs not only succeed individually, they end up strengthening their community, neighborhood and city in the process.

To read more about past member visits of Presentense to RI go to the link.

In collaboration with the Rhode Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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