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The Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC), participated at the 2019 annual RI BAR Meeting: Succ

On Thursday, June 14th, the Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC) participated in the Annual RI Bar meeting at the Rhode Island Convention Center. The lecture under the name of: Successful Legal Strategies for Startups from Israel, the Startup Nation, attended by 150 Rhode Island attorneys bar members. The moderator was Attorney Miriam Ross of Law Offices of Miriam A. Ross, Esq. who is also a board member of the RIIC. Mr. Avi Nevel, the President & CEO of the RIIC gave a brief introduction regarding the StartUp Innovation Ecosystem in Israel,

Attorney Oded Kadosh, Senior Partner, at Pearl, Cohen, Zedek, Latzer, who have offices in Israel and in the U.S., was the main speaker. Kadosh provided an overview, based on his Israeli law knowledge of what attorneys need to know when advising their clients on their start-up businesses, including structuring the business venture, preventing and mitigating conflict between founders, management of relationships with investors and employees and protecting critical assets (including IP).

From L to R, Avi Nevel, Attorney Miriam Ross Attorney Oded Kadosh

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