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Invitation for Rhode Island Companies to Meet with Cutting Edge Israeli Companies at HIMSS 2019 in

The Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC) is delighted to share with our Rhode Island business community upcoming opportunities to meet with cutting edge Disruptive Israeli Technology in the field of IT.

HIMSS 2019 (Feb. 12-14) in Orlando will feature a technology pavilion of 29 Israeli companies with cutting edge solutions in cyber, IT, data management, care management, diagnostics and patient engagement for the healthcare industry. This is will be the biggest pavilion ever sponsored by the Israel Export Institute specializing in the field of digital health.

  • CyberMDX: Pioneer in medical cybersecurity that protects medical devices, clinical assets and patient safety and data.

  • Healthymize: Personalized, AI-based voice monitoring for chronic diseases. WInner of Henry Ford Health's "reducing readmission" challenge.

  • LogiTag: Autonomously manages inventory, connecting hospitals to vendors, improving patient care and reducing reimbursement time.

If you would like to meet with these or any of the other companies exhibiting in our pavilion, or if you have any questions, I would be happy to speak with you and learn more about your interests, and pre-schedule a meeting at HIMSS. Contact me.

To view our entire catalog of companies,

For questions or to register, please contact:

Josh Berliner

Director of Business Development

Israel Economic Mission NYC

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