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Little States, Big Innovation: Israel X Rhode Island Season 2 Episode 3 Wednesday April 13

Don't Miss upcoming Episode 3 Season 2 Wednesday, April 13th at noon EST 7:00 pm Israel time

The three companies will be presenting in the fields of: Fintech, Healthcare, Radiology

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Each month the program will be bringing the best Israel has to offer to Rhode Island’s

community by introducing our community to some of Israel’s most exciting startup

entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may be looking to expand into the North American market and Rhode Island offers great opportunities as a soft landing through connections and collaborations in business, academia and research. Don’t miss this "Startup Nation’s Best and Brightest". To learn more about the program and see recording of season one, go to the link.

The program is in collaboration with Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC),and RIHub.

To Register, go to this link.

Opening remarks, Avi Nevel, CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC)

Interviewer, Annette Tonti , Executive Director of the RIHub

Special guest speaker from Israel, Oded Rose CEO of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

Oded Rose has served as the CEO of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce since April 2016. The chamber is a private organization whose aim is to increase trade, investments and economic relations between the countries. Previously, Oded served as CEO of Flow industries since 2008. Flow develops and markets worldwide its patented Airshock and Silo-Flow technologies that are used in heavy industries, water and the oil & gas industries. Previously Oded served as VP Marketing and Sales of Atlantium Ltd., a leader in industrial and municipal water disinfection equipment market.

Ziv Cohen, CEO Paygilant

Paygilant is a revolutionary frictionless fraud prevention for fintech, designed to protect Neo/challenger/digital banks, eWallets, Crypto, and others. It eliminates the trade-off between fraud prevention, frictionless user experience, and user privacy.

Jeremy Kagan, Founder and CEO

CardioLync facilitates a unified view of a chronic disease patient's condition across specialties, pioneering Diagnostic Modality Interface Portal (DMIP) is a web accessible secure software technology which enables fluent communication and native image access at the point of care among different medical specialists, imaging technicians, nurses, and patients.

Amit Keren Co-founder and CEO

Flowhow Ltd. helps radiology providers bridge the workflow to data gap and avoid reimbursement denials before they happen. All this is done by strictly focusing on non-clinical data and combining it with cloud based AI to provide radiology directors with simple and actionable insights.

To Register, go to this link.

Organizers and Supporters

Don't Miss upcoming episode 2h Season 2 March 17th at noon EST


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