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Little States, Big Innovation: Israel X Rhode Island IS BACK Season 2 Episode1 Feb 16th, 12:00pm EST

Don't Miss the first Episode for 2022, Feb 16th at12:00 pm to 1:00 EST

The three companies presenting in the field: Early Detection of Autism; Womens’ Health and Sport Tech Sailing Analytics

To Register, go to this link.

Each month the program will be bringing the best Israel has to offer to Rhode Island’s

community by introducing our community to some of Israel’s most exciting startup

entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may be looking to expand into the North American market and Rhode Island offers great opportunities as a soft landing through connections and collaborations in business, academia and research. Don’t miss this "Startup Nation’s Best and Brightest". To learn more about the program and see recording of season one, go to the link.

The program is in collaboration with Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC),and RIHub.

To Register, go to this link.

Opening remarks, Avi Nevel, CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC)

Interviewer, Annette Tonti , Executive Director of the RIHub

Special guest speaker from Israel, Daniel Agranov, Israel Deputy Consul General to New England

Daniel has more than a decade of experience in Foreign Service. He has been a member of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008. He previously served in embassies and consulates in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Presenter of Israeli Companies that will be presenting during the program.

Jonathan Sadka, CEO and Founder of Ladaat

Ladaat aims to create a scalable platform for diagnosis within a child's first 12 months Leveraging the latest research - diagnosis can be easy, accurate, and cost-effective.

Varda Aberbach, Founder & Ceo of Samplfy

Samplfy Solution provides qualitative urine test diagnosis data through its full-service system for urine samples collection, digital detection, data analysis and monitoring tools.

Omer Brand, CEO and Founder of KINETIX

KINETIX is an advanced platform that connects organizations, coaches and athletes to improve performance and engagement in outdoor sports.

To Register, go to this link.

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