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Blue Economy Podcast Discussing the 'Blue Ocean of Opportunities,' Featuring theDOCK From Israel

Blue Economy PodcastDiscussing the 'Blue Ocean of Opportunities,' featuring the Nir Gartzman, co-founder of theDOCK from Israel, interviewed by David Hirschman, organized by the Rhode Island-Israel Collaborative (RIIC).

The maritime sector is on the verge of technology disruption. Israel - the Startup Nation - has a lot to offer; Innovation is what the local vibrant hi-tech ecosystem is all about. Startups, universities, investors, venture capital and supportive government - all join forces to create the most innovative environment next to the Silicon Valley.

theDOCK, founded by veteran Israeli hi-tech leaders, is a venture capital fund and accelerator focused on ports, shipping and maritime logistics technologies which, together with leading industry experts, harnesses Israel's technology innovation assets to deliver practical innovation to the sector. Founded 3 years ago, theDOCK is today a world-renowned thought leader in the sector, and a critical factor in the evolution of the local deal-flow from a few only back in early 2017, to close to 70 startups today, which have strategic and compelling offerings relevant to the maritime sector.

To learn more about theDOCK, go to this link.



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