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AshdodTech's Cofounder, Itmar Assaf's Visit to Rhode Island

Itamar Assaf, the Cofounder of Ashdodtech Visited Rhode Island Monday, July 26th. Itamar Assaf was accompanied by Eli Levin, the new Israel Director of Economic Affairs and Innovation at the Consulate General of Israel to New England

The visit started with a tour of the cities of Pawtucket and Providence learning about Rhode Island history and the start of the industrial revolution at Slater Mill in Pawtucket with a continuation of a tour of Providence academic institutions, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design and an overview of the innovation district.

Itamar Assaf's visit continued with an event at the RIHub where he talked about the city of Ashdod in Israel, Ashdodtech and his experience in buidling the innovation hub in the city of Ashdod. Itamar also spoke about Ashdod becoming the maritime and logistic branch of the "Start Up Nation" fueled by their expertise, knowledge in commerce, generated by the Ashdod port which is the largest in the country. Itamar then shared a video presentation about the city of Ashdod. The event was opened by Annette Tonti, the Executive Director of the RIHub who hosted the event and spoke in her opening remarks about the Bridge to Israel program Followed by Avi Nevel, President and CEO of the RIIC who talked about the importance of collaboration and connection to municipalities and businesses as well and the opportunities for both Israel and Rhode Island to collaborate.

After Itamar's Assaf presentation about Ashdodtech, and innovation in the city, a discussion followed of collaboration with some of the leadership from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, members of Commerce in the city of Pawtucket, TechCollective RI, Rhode Island Commerce, Venture Cafe gathering and District Hall space in Providence, Donald Fruge, Feeney Law,all who are looking to collaborate with joint business in Israel in innovation and others.

About AshdodTech

Ashdodtech is the largest Hi-tech community in the Ashdod region. Its main purpose is to promote the hi-tech industry in Ashdod. With over 10,000 hi-tech employees in the region of Ashdod, the Israeli port, hospitals, Elta, and many other companies and small startups, the community believes this is the time for making new opportunities for Ashdod. With webinars, meetups, and workshops with top-notch companies, local municipality, entrepreneurs, and many others, the community gathered to build the largest ecosystem in the area.

About Ashdod

Ashdod is the sixth-largest city and the largest port in Israel accounting for 60% of the country's imported goods. Ashdod is located in the Southern District of the country, on the Mediterranean coast where it is situated between Tel Aviv to the north 32 kilometres away, and Ashkelon to the south 20 km away.Wikipedia .



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