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ISRAELI FUSION EAST TO WEST Unique Culinary Event November 13,  6:00 - 8:30pm at Hope & Main,

ISRAELI FUSION EAST TO WEST Unique Culinary Event with Chef, Eran Geffen

Organized by Hope & Main and the RIIC

For reservations, click here. Space is limited!


The Rhode Island -Israel Collaborative (RIIC) is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Hope & Main, an event at Hope & Main introducing an evening with Israeli Chef, Eran Geffen,

a unique tasting event that celebrates Israeli cuisine. Chef Eran Geffen will prepare dishes inspired by his upbringing and the influences of Jerusalem, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other nearby regions. Guests will enjoy exploring an abundance of hot and cold dishes at various stations throughout the evening, festive live music and a sweet ending with coffee and tea.

The evening will include a wine tasting demonstration from three top Israeli wineries, Barkan, Carmel and Psagot, food ingredients will be supplied by Sid Wainer & Son and Chef Geffen will talk about his culinary experience and share tips.

Chef Geffen has cooked for heads of states, celebrities and high level dignitaries.

This event will have an extensive tasting menu including salads, main course, desserts and other surprises. To see menu, click here

For reservations, click here. Space is limited!

Chef Eran Geffen was born and raised in Jerusalem, Eran was exposed to the diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine. The sights and smells of the international city intrigued him at an early age and drew him to explore and experiment with the plethora of flavors. For Eran food isn’t merely a passion but a language, a way to express life. Eran began his career at Arkadia, one of the most creative and prestigious chef restaurants in Israel. His passion to explore new cuisines, learn cutting edge techniques and experience new cultures, drew him to relocate to Barcelona, Spain, where he worked at Enoteca a 2 star Michelin restaurant. Returning to Israel, Eran spearheaded the creation of an up and coming Asian-fusion restaurant, RYU. As head chef he was able to implement his culinary vision and create the unique style.

To read more about Chef Geffen, go to his webpage, Good Vines.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors

For reservations, click here. Space is limited!

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