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1st Rhode Island Israel AI and Faith Conference online March 27

March 27, 2024 noon time EST Online 6:00 pm Israel Time

March 27, 2024 noon time EST Online 6:00 pm Israel Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we think about religion in several ways. Firstly, AI is challenging the traditional idea that humans are unique and special in the universe. As AI becomes more advanced, it is raising questions about what it means to be human, and whether machines can possess human-like intelligence and even spirituality.  This conference has assembled an impressive team of academic scholars and clergy discussing the topic. Don't miss the one of a kind opportunity to learn about the subject of AI and Faith.

ArtificiArtificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we think about religion in several ways. Firstly, AI is challenging uniAI becomes ore machines can possess human-like ntelligeneand even spiriintelaSecure your ticket early by going to the link.

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Event program and Speakers

Opening remarks

Avi Nevel,  CEO and Founder of the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC) (USA)

To see Avi Nevel's bio, go to the link.

Moderator and speaker

Dr. Sean O’Callaghan Graduate Director of the MA/PhD in Humanities and Technology Center for Student Development,  Faculty Fellow for Student Success Associate Professor, Dept. of Religious and Theological Studies, Fellow of the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy, Salve Regina University who is co-organizing the event and recently finished a book about AI and Faith which will be published in the coming weeks. (USA). To see Dr. O’Callaghan’s bio, go the link .




Dr. Paul Hoffman, pastor of the Evangelical Friends Church in Newport, RI.  (Who is co-writer of the book with Dr. Sean O’Callaghan). Dr. Hoffman is an Adjunct Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (USA).  To see Dr. Hoffman’s bio, go to the link.

Dr. Isaac Hershkovitz from Bar-Ilan University.

( Israel ) Undergraduate Advisor and writes in the topics of Jewish Thought and Philosophy with interest in AI and Religion.  To see Dr. Hershkovitz’s bio go to the link. (Israel)

Rabbi Mois Navon, Mois Navon teaches Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at Ben Gurion University. He wrote his doctoral thesis at Bar Ilan University entitled, “The Moral Status of AI,” which seeks to understand how humans should interact, morally, with AI humanoids - be they mind-less or mind-ful. His rabbinic ordination was through the Mercaz Harav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel.  His teachings can be found at ( Israel )

Dr. Roey Tzezana, Futurist & Head of Methodologies at SparkBeyond.  Dr. Tzezana is a futurist and author of books such as Introduction to the Future.  His research deals mainly with analysis of emerging and disruptive technologies and forecasting their impact on the society and the individual. His studies have been conducted in collaboration and for private companies, government ministries, and was consulting Israel government agencies and around the world.Part of his research involves AI and Faith. He is also a founder and board member of the RIIC. ( Israel ) To read more about Dr. Tzezana, go to the link.

Q&A with the speakers and panelists

Closing Remarks  Avi Nevel

Secure your ticket early by going to the link.


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