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Khouloud Ayuti

Khouloud Ayuti is a social activist who grew up in Jaffa. Growing up in the underprivileged and marginalized Arab community, she has dedicated her life to working with diverse communities and youth. Her work with youth led her to receive the title of Global Teen Leader by the prestige We Are Family Foundation International Youth program at only 18 years old. In the goal of pursuing her passion for social change, she studied Social and Political Sciences which led her to managing peace building and education programs at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. In the effort of promoting her own community in Jaffa, she arrived at Presentense as the coordinator for the Made in Jaffa program in 2017 and had since progressed to the role of Co-Ceo of the organization. Khouloud is also a member of Jaffa's Leaders in Education forum that trains the future generation of educators and leaders in Jaffa. Khouloud is currently an MBA student, but her biggest role is being Lian and Tamara's mom and personal baker.

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