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                    DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 2017                         TIME:  8:00 am to 2:30 pm 

LOCATION: The Pell Center, Salve Regina University, Newport RI

It is widely believed that blockchain technologies will form the Internet 2.0 - a World Wide Web that allows people to exchange money and services (and not just information) with each other directly, thereby removing the need for intermediaries such as banks and credit card companies for many transactions.  Additionally, blockchain technologies can assist companies to boost traceability and transparency along their supply chain, thereby strengthening consumer confidence. It is no wonder that governments, firms and innovators everywhere are trying to figure out how to best utilize blockchain technologies to their advantage and on September 18, the Senate passed a $700 billion defense bill that includes a mandate for a blockchain study to be conducted by the Department of Defense.                                 - (Dr. Roey Tzezana)  


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Consumer Goods

Currencies and Banking


Are you ready for the disruption? Do you know how to take advantage of these new technologies to benefit your business?

Come learn about the future of blockchain technologies and their expected impact on different industries and governmental services from world renowned Israeli and US experts.










Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies

 Is Your Organization Ready for the Blockchain and

Crypto-currencies Revolution?  

About the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative
ORGANIZERS: The Rhode Island - Israel Collaborative (RIIC) in collaboration with the Pell Center, Salve Regina University
Pell Center Salve Regina University
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