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WhyRI? Making Business Better brochure

WhyRI?  Rhode Island boasts an ideal location in the Northeast with all the benefits of major commercial centers — access to top companies, transportation, and world-class universities — for often half the occupancy cost. Rhode Island also offers the lowest corporate tax rate in New England and has not raised corporate, income or sales tax rates in more than twenty years. Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it has it all: a stable business environment, a strong talent pipeline, and a vibrant hub of economic development.


Business Incentives & Financial Resources brochure


Rhode Island has an array of tools and growth incentives to help companies expand, locate, and innovate in the Ocean State. Tools include tax incentives for construction and job growth, funding for workforce training, grants for research and development, and more.

Rhode Island’s thriving cultural growth is being echoed well beyond our borders. Among the praise we’re proud to tout: Travel & Leisure named Providence “America’s favorite city.” Add in Rhode Island’s natural resources – including beautiful beaches and over 400 miles of coastline – and it’s clear why we’re poised to continue to rise as a relocation hub. Sign up today to get your free Travel Guide.


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