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Save the Date AI and Art October 26th in person Providence RI

Don't miss this in-person event. This event is in collaboration between Rhode Island School of Design and Venture Cafe Providence.

About the conference

The Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC) in Collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Venture Café Providence will hold a conference exploring AI and Art creativity and challenges.

The conference will bring together experts, researchers, artists, attorneys from Israel and Rhode Island from various fields to delve into the intersection of AI and art. The conference aims to explore the advantages, problems, and legal issues surrounding the use of AI in artistic creation, fostering discussions, sharing insights, and promoting collaboration in this evolving domain.

Enhanced Creativity: AI presents new possibilities for artists by augmenting human creativity. It can generate novel ideas, suggest alternative perspectives, and assist in the creative process, leading to innovative artistic expressions.

Increased Accessibility: AI-based tools and technologies provide opportunities for broader participation in art. They can assist individuals with limited artistic skills or physical disabilities, empowering them to engage in creative endeavors.

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