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RIIC Founder and CEO Participated in BIRD Foundation Meeting in Washington DC

It was a pleasure to participate at the BIRD foundation meeting and conference. During the meeting, we discussed how to continue to promote awareness of the BIRD Foundation funds for Rhode Island companies and institutions. Also, it was a great pleasure to meet Dr. Einat Magal, Deputy Chief Scientist of Innovation Israel. We discussed promoting innovation between Israel and Rhode Island. It was also a pleasure to meet the rest of the BIRD Foundation team and discuss ways to promote the BIRD Foundation in Rhode Island. Also, during the meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Anat Katz, Israel Economic Minister to North America, Inon Elroy, Vice Director General, and Head of the Industrial Cooperation Authority at the israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and Natalie Goodman Chen, Minister of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Israel Embassy in Washington

To learn more about the BIRD Foundation, go to the link or contact for more information

Photo courtesy of the BIRD Foundation

The BIRD Foundation Team photo courtesy of the BIRD Foundation


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